An online Introduction to the Diamond Approach®

Many of us face during their lifetime situations where we ask us whether to engage in a more spiritual life or on a spiritual path. This online introductory workshop gives an overview of the Diamond Approach®. Three units, each one Sunday and a Wednesday evening deal with different aspects of the journey. The units can be booked separately.

Aug 13 and Aug 2
This unit focusses on the soul and her longing to live a life that makes sense and has meaning. We touch questions of Presence, Essence, and Truth. Inquiry, the main tool in the Diamond Approach, is introduced.

Teachers: Christa Jonas and Oliver Schumann

Sep 13 and Sep 16
A unit that highlights the developmental character of the soul’s longing. Which role plays our Ego in the Diamond Approach? How is the Ego development seen and used for the journey of the soul to her ground? We explore how we lose and regain contact to Essence happens, and have a look at the theory of holes.

Teachers: Oliver Schumann and Konnie Schneider

Nov 8 and Nov 11
Here the ground of our Being is central. We focus on the return to True Nature, how the ground of Being is called in the Diamond Approach. Dependent on what occurs in the field of our group we look at different facets of Essence, like compassion, strength, space, love; or self-realization, Being… In this way the development of the group informs the aspects that are taught.

Teachers: Christa Jonas and Odile van Eck

Nov 8, 10am – 1pm and 3pm – 6pm CET, teaching;
Nov 11, 7pm – 9pm CET, deepening work with the group, sharing, questions.

Christa Jonas, Oliver Schumann, Konnie Schneider and Odile van Eck are members of the teacher team of the new international Diamond Heart® Europe 4 Group (DHE4) that will take place in Seefeld (Germany) from Feb 2021 on and meets for 2 weeks a year.

Fee: 130,- Euro per unit



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